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The committees of Standards Australia provide a key framework for determining the standards applying in Australia’s lighting industry and in other key industries.

Volunteers welcome for Standards Committees

The perspective of lighting companies is represented on the committees of Standards Australia by not only LCA Secretariat staff but also a number of volunteers from member companies. A good understanding of industry standards and practices together with an appreciation of electrical engineering issues is a welcome attribute for appointees. But as we face generational change in a number of member companies new recruits will be needed to sit on these committees to champion the concerns of the lighting industry. If you would like to be part of the Standards Australia process we’d like to hear from you. There is also the opportunity to periodically represent Standards Committees at international meetings where a global approach to standards is formulated. For attendance at international meetings, some assistance with expenses is available through Standards Australia. The positions adopted by LCA representatives at Standards Australia committees are largely determined through meetings of the four sub-industry groups. These meetings also serve as a valuable forum to learn of new standards developments as well as to press for changes that you consider important. If you are not presently involved in the sub-industry groups, we’d encourage you to be represented. Again, please contact the Secretariat for details.
Richard Mulcahy
Chief Executive Officer
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