Chairman's Column

Non-compliance still an issue

One of the most important issues raised by Lighting council Members is the issue of non-compliant products making their way into the marketplace.
LCA has a working group that seeks to address this vexatious issue. Members who attended our QGM held in Sydney in November heard an important presentation by the NSW Electrical Safety regulator-Glen Toole-who explained some of the legal challenges in dealing with this issue.
Lighting Council maintains an active programme tackling this issue and we have had a deal of success in persuading regulators to pursue those who bring non-compliant products into the market. Members are encouraged to alert the Secretariat to any examples of such products, and there is a form on our website to assist you in detailing offending products. We also have an active LCA Working Group-chaired by LCA Board Member David Gardner-where these issues are regularly discussed and actions are developed to help resolve Member concerns. Our Technical Manager David Crossley plays an important role on this working group, and if any Member wishes to be part of the group they should make contact with David. Tony Todaro

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