As of 18 November 2019, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) has launched its D4i certification programme for LED drivers. The D4i protocol builds upon DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) by standardising communication between different components within a luminaire. This development enables inter-operability between different brand components including drivers, lamps, sensors and communication devices that have been certified as compliant to D4i. The standardisation of communication protocols greatly simplifies internet of things (IoT) advancements in applications such as asset tracking, performance monitoring, diagnostics and energy metering. An example use case is that energy distributors will now be able to be able to remotely monitor the energy consumption of a single street light and be automatically notified when to schedule maintenance if a luminaire fails. Further developments such as the ‘Zhaga-D4i’ joint certification aims to standardise sensor and communication device receptacles.  This will allow ‘plug-and-play’ of different components within the luminaire and ensures future proof installations that can be retro-fitted and upgraded as required. This is an exciting development in which lighting is leading the way towards standardised communication protocols for the connected devices that constitute the smart cities and homes of the future.

DiiA launches D4i: Intra-luminaire standardisation and certification
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