Environmental Update
Recycling your Facilities Waste
In today’s corporate economy, most companies will have implemented or looking to engage an environmental sustainability action plan or guidelines to ultimately reduce the company’s environmental impact and prove corporate sustainable responsibility. Recycling is now a fundamental building block of any business sustainability program and attracts a large amount of media and operational attention. An emphasis has been placed on recycling and waste disposal whether it be small scale residential or large commercial quantities of waste production and disposal. Lighting Council Australia are seeking companies to make contact with Public Affairs and Environmental Manager Brodie Easton regarding expanding your environmental action plans to incorporate appropriate recycling processes. Companies operating in lighting manufacturing, product development or facilities generating or producing quantities of lighting products are invited to consult Brodie on industry best practices and affordable implementation of waste disposal and recycling.
Lighting Council have strong relationships with a host of waste and recycling service companies and can help in taking the guesswork out of waste disposal. State policy outlines requirements set out for all residential and commercial waste disposal in which lighting and electrical waste has specific requirements across all states and territories and compliance should be a key focus. As Lighting has transformed dramatically over the years to improve efficiency and quality, the materials used in the vast range of products, both legacy and new generation need to be consciously considered in the disposal process.

Brodie Easton
Public Affairs & Environmental Manager
'Recycling of lighting products in Australia continues to improve '
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