Member Visits
One-on-one visits to our Membership are crucial to Lighting Council’s engagement with the industry. These visits provide an opportunity for the Secretariat to learn more about Member’s businesses and the issues they face, and also allow businesses to stay up-to-date with the regulatory and political developments that are most relevant to them. During the Month of July Public Affairs and Environmental Manager, Brodie Easton and Corporate Affairs Manager Lachlan Greve visited a number of Victorian members. The two met with Mark Robinson, the LED Business Manager of Verbatim Australia. Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Media owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Company. The company has a large presence in the data storage technology however the company continues to develop a wide range of quality LED Products. SAS Supplier Group Business Development Manager Shorey Wong met with Brodie and Lachlan at the companies Noble Park headquarters where discussion was focused particularly on SAS Supplier Groups lighting sector Lumme LED Lighting which is the companies LED lighting range. The range provides a diverse variety of products for commercial, industrial and residential needs. A member visit to meet with Sonaray Australia’s Alex Poon, Director and Dennis Mah, Strategy and Commercial Development proved beneficial to both parties. Sonaray have developed into a specialist in the industry of mid-high-end industrial and commercial lighting with product innovation being a key influencer. Alex Poon was nominated for the Overall Innovation Award at the National Awards for Excellence in Lighting in May. Members are encouraged to make time for these meetings as they provide valuable opportunities to facilitate two-way communication with Lighting Council.
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