NEXTgen Program
Congratulations to our newest staff member Lachlan Greve for gaining acceptance to Standards Australia NEXTgen program. The NEXTgen program selects emerging industry and technical experts and provides them with an exciting opportunity to become involved in the national and international standardisation processes supporting Australian industry and government. Through the program, participants will access training and gain direct exposure to the standards development process and context. They will attend and participate in webinars, meetings and professional development activities. Emerging leaders will share knowledge and collaborate, developing a deep understanding of what it takes to shape robust standards that contribute net benefit to the Australian community.   The goal of the program is to support the future of standards development through investing in the next generation of standards leaders and experts. Program participants gain the necessary skills to further increase their involvement in standardisation and contribute to the development of important standards in their field.
Lachlan is enthusiastic about this opportunity to increase his involvement in the development of Standards that represent the best interest of Lighting Council Australia Members and is currently an observing member of the following Standard’s Australia committees;
·         EL-041: Lamps and Related Equipment
·         LG-002: Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces
·         LG-007: Emergency Lighting in Buildings
·         LG-010: Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Lighting
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